Enter the Age of the Connected Restaurant

Lindsey Mabrey on July 12, 2017 at 11:12 AM

July 2017- Managing restaurant operations efficiently and lowering operational costs are constant challenges for restaurant owners and operators. Are you a restaurant owner or chef who wants to run your kitchen more efficiently? Do you think keeping the status quo is the way to go? Think again!

With the advent of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), monitoring and reporting different parameters has become very easy. IoT has already found numerous applications across different industries and is now on the rise in the restaurant industry. Automated temperature monitoring is one of the many important and easy-to-use technologies included in IoT. It is currently being implemented in many food service restaurants and has proven to help restaurants in the following ways:

Improved safety: By monitoring food constantly and getting alerts for any out of range temperatures, restaurants can avoid food spoilage. This will protect the brand and customers.

Better Decision Making: The data automated monitoring allows restaurants to be proactive in running their daily operations. Being able to act before you know there is a major issue has proven to be very beneficial.

Reduced Costs: If defrost cycles are running too long, restaurants can spend a lot on unnecessary energy bills. Keeping track of temperatures helps in identifying issues early and proactively alerting your repair company. The prevention of inventory loss is another proven cost reduction.

Increased Employee Satisfaction: Restaurant employees do not have to focus on manual data entry and other non-value added activities. Automated monitoring solutions allow employees to focus on more important tasks resulting in a more meaningful work experience.

Strengthen Infrastructure for Future Success: Restaurants are getting smarter everyday and new technologies are being used to improve efficiency. This helps kitchen employees get back to focusing on food and the customer. By starting with simple monitoring solutions, restaurants can make a minimal investment to enable future growth and success.

Saving Environment: Automated monitoring allows for a reduction in paper, energy consumed, and waste which leads to a healthier mother earth.

If you would like to learn more about automated monitoring please email contact@verisolutions.co or click here.

Written by: Kaushik Jayaram


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