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4 Ways Digital Task Management Can Make Running Your Business (and Life) Easier

Lauren Maier on August 30, 2018 at 1:00 PM

At VeriSolutions, we know how important it is for your restaurant to run smoothly—and how important operational checklists are in making that happen. If your company is still utilizing manual checklists, chances are implementing new technologies into your business platform may seem daunting. But using digital task management allows you to worry less about how effectively your operations are being executed and more about making sure every customer leaves your business completely satisfied. Digital task management can not only save you time and money, but also provide you with managerial oversight and a peace of mind that manual checklists just don’t offer. Here are four reasons we believe making the switch from manual to digital checklists is worth the effort:

1. Improve reliability and reduce the need for manual oversight

Digital checklists allow you to make sure your staff is doing what they need to do, from anywhere. If a checklist is unfinished or overdo, you can receive SMS and email alerts letting you know exactly what needs to be addressed. Employees are happy because a list of all the tasks they need to complete are available at the touch of a button, and management is happy that their employees can easily be held accountable for their work.




2. Lessen time spent training employees

With digital checklists, managers can include instructions for each task within each checklist item. So, if an employee is unsure about what a certain task entails, they can easily double-check what they need to do by clicking a button on the checklist to see step-by-step instructions for that specific task, which can include pictures and even videos.




3. Eliminate manual data entry

Not only is manual data entry time consuming (and therefore costly), it can be inaccurate when employees are rushed and juggling several tasks at once. Digital checklists greatly reduce the likelihood of data inaccuracy by time stamping each response and identifying who completed what task.




4. Take corrective actions with ease

Digital checklists allow you to customize your lists so corrective actions are obvious and easier to take. If a particular response seems out of range, you can require automatic follow-up questions based on that response so your employees know immediately what the next step should be—and so you have peace of mind knowing that the correct action is being taken, without your having to be over their shoulder.




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