Harness the Holiday Hype for Your Restaurant

Lauren Maier on December 13, 2018 at 1:29 PM

In an artistic industry like food, your restaurant’s Instagram is a great marketing opportunity: if your food looks great online, people will make a point to visit. During the holidays, people are excited about spending time indulging on a nice evening out with loved ones, so now is a great time to fine-tune your restaurant’s marketing strategy by showcasing special seasonal offerings.

Creating special holiday-themed menu offerings and decorative scenes gets your audience excited about the holidays and eager to celebrate at your establishment. Christmas and Hanukkah themed drink specials or festive holiday cocktails are great images to share. When you share your best creations on Instagram your audience will be more likely to remember, recommend, and visit your restaurant.

Creating a festive holiday-themed menu is great for Instagram marketing and a surefire way to get your patrons excited to celebrate the holidays at your restaurant.

Cherry cocktails, anyone? Holiday themed drinks can increase sales and are more likely to land on Instagram stories. We all love free marketing, don’t we?

Another wonderful way to increase engagement on social media is a giveaway. To harness the marketing opportunity of a giveaway, create rules where your audience has to comment or post about your restaurant to enter. This reward could be simple, like a gift card to your restaurant, or more exciting, like a voucher for a special dining experience you’d like to promote. Giveaways are fun opportunities to engage with your community and showcase your restaurant’s delicious menu.

If special menus and giveaways don’t fit in with your strategy, try decorating your restaurant to take part in the celebrations. Decorating will make your restaurant feel welcoming and festive. The holiday happiness puts patrons in a good mood and can even translate to increased spending and improved tips for staff. Decorating is also an opportunity for your regular patrons to receive their favorite meal in a different environment, making a regular experience stand out and keep them coming back through the holidays.

Miracle on Monroe, Atlanta, GA | Ryan Fleisher
Create festive scenes in your restaurant—they’ll double as the perfect photo backdrop for your guests’ holiday memories.

Regardless of how you choose to get in the holiday spirit, be sure to engage your audience before the slower winter months. During the holidays, people’s spirits are naturally elevated, so providing them with the right ingredients for holiday cheer is an easy way to garner marketing attention for your restaurant and bring smiles to your patrons’ faces.

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