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Lindsey Mabrey on July 28, 2020 at 10:10 AM

Insights structures the data captured in VeriTemp and VeriCheck to help you better understand your organizational performance and trends to help drive improvement. With Insights, you will have the tools you need to track historical compliance, drive actions based on data, and compare geographical performance. 


Pinpointing areas for improvement in a sea of data can be time consuming, complicated, and overwhelming. Whether your business covers a single location or hundreds of locations, it can become difficult to stay on top of day to day operations and keep your employees accountable. 

We’ve created a solution that makes sorting, filtering, and drilling down into all task, temp, sensor, and corrective action data so much easier. You will learn to love the dashboard which includes compliance percentages that quickly and visually tell you what’s performing well and what needs your attention. If a compliance score seems off, you can easily expand the view to see the locations or regions that are affecting the overall score.

"Operators need better tools to understand the growing amount of digital data that is being created by IoT. Insights helps distill this data into actionable information that can help drive efficiency and ensure compliance."
- Michael Crocker, CEO VeriSolutions

How to get started: If you’re an existing VeriSolutions customer, let us know you’re interested in learning more. We’re available around the clock to answer questions, give you a demo, or help you with activation. If you aren’t an existing customer, please visit to learn about our other products and services. 

"Insights is way better for day to day check in. I like that it's really easy to quickly scroll down and identify problem areas quickly. Much more user friendly and it eliminates a lot of mouse clicks which I am a huge fan of."
- Darin Schaffer, Culinary Manager at Willy's Mexicana Grill


Let us show you how this new platform can become a catalyst for change in your organization, enforcing accountability and increasing awareness. VeriSolutions is committed to creating tools that will empower you to understand and sustain your monitored environments. To continue reading about the functionality and features included, please visit

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