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IoT Devices in the Food Space

Lauren Maier on July 3, 2019 at 12:29 PM

With the applications of IoT technologies advancing the way business is run in so many industries, it’s no surprise that the food industry has seen huge shifts with the tech, too. The precise data analysis made possible by IoT has brought advancements to food safety, restaurant operations, sustainability, and agriculture.  And with most new IoT applications comes a set of devices that continue to transform the entire landscape of the food industry. Here, we break down three of the most game-changing IoT technologies in the food space:



Temperature and humidity sensors

When it comes to food safety, the seemingly smallest variation in temperature or storage range can mean customers getting ill. IoT sensors like VeriTemp have removed the possibility of variables falling out of range by notifying operators the moment they get close. 


Smart packaging and digitization 

The digitization of inventory enables restaurant operators to digitally track their stock and prevent overbuying. It allows restaurateurs to analyze consumer purchasing trends and make data-driven decisions about what menu items are most (and least) profitable to use. And at a time where all eyes are on businesses’ drive toward sustainability, inventory digitization makes it simpler for restaurants to hone in on their waste patterns and rectify them. 


Digital product tagging

Another huge player in food safety improvements, digital product tags ensure 100% traceability for any food product that passes through a restaurant’s kitchen. The ability to track every step of a product’s supply chain enables suppliers to make the chain more efficient. And in the event of mishap, it’s easy to figure out where in the chain things went wrong. The entire operation is transparent.


These products just scratch the surface of the IoT tech applications in the food industry. Stay tuned for our next feature on more exciting IoT devices and technologies!

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