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Outside the Kitchen: Environmental Monitoring in Car Washes

Lauren Maier on May 9, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Although temperature monitoring is easy to think of in the context of restaurant food safety, temperature controls are a crucial aspect of several others—including agriculture, healthcare, and industrial applications. For this blog series, we’ll discuss how temperature and other environmental monitoring can be applied in each of these industries, and how automated monitoring can benefit your business.

The advancements of IoT technology have the potential to improve operations for all kinds of business, and car washes are no exception. Temperature and humidity monitoring solutions like VeriTemp can ensure that freezing winter temperatures never impede your car wash business from doing its job.



  1. Protect temperature-sensitive equipment


In places where the winters get icy, operating equipment filled with water can lead to problems. With VeriTemp, car wash operators will be alerted by text or email the second a measured temperature falls out of safe ranges due to weather or a broken heater.


  1. Prevent costly repairs and business downtime



Temperature monitoring solutions give you peace of mind. When something goes wrong, immediate alerts allow you to jump into action when a solution is required. By keeping you in the loop, VeriTemp helps you avoid overdue repairs and unnecessary business downtime.


  1. Use recorded information to streamline your operation


When measured variables are recorded daily, over time that information can provide valuable insights into how efficient operations are. With VeriTemp, you track temperatures to help you better understand what uses the most energy in your operation. If something is using too much energy, you can identify it more easily and find a quick solution.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our last installment of Outside the Kitchen. Smart temperature sensor systems can help car wash operators keep business running smoothly, and we’re excited to see how IoT tech continues to transform industries across the spectrum in positive ways.